We are artistic school of music that was founded in 1945.

The school teaches five hundred pupils and students between the ages 6-25. The school is comprised as follows:
  • the first part of school witch aims to teach a basic musical education,
  • the second part which seeks to train professional musicians.
The school is recoggnized by the Polish Ministry of Culture.

The teaching programme includes playing a musical instrument, the art of singing solo as well as the history and theory of music. All pupils, as a compulsory part of their musical education, must learn to play the piano. The school only concern is a musical education.

Lessons take place in the afternoon and are planned both individually or in grups. Individual classes are those concentraiting on learning to play an instrument as well as solo singing. Those classes which are in groups deal with the theory of music, choral lessons, the orchestra and chamber music ensambles. All students have a duty to follow the whole trimetable as a compulsory part of their education.

The school runs two choirs (for children and young people), forty people are in the symphony youth orchestra, the smaller children have a stringed-instrument orchestra as well as numerous other musical groups connected with a variety of musical instrument.

Each year the school organizes a gala concert at which the orchestra and the school soloists take part. There is a great deal of public interest and support. The gala concert ususally takes place in the school concert hall or in one of the main concert halls of the town. Our pupils take part in concert organized by the Polish Baltic Philharmonia of Gdansk.

The most talented pupils represent the school in competitions and music festivals both at home and abroad. They have won numerous prizes.

We are able to count among our former pupils well-known musical instrumentalists, composers, conductors, directors of music schools, of opera, of philharmonia, teachers and those who have inspired musical life in clasiccal, jazz and other musical forms.

The school keeps contact with schools and teaching institutions in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.